Debt Reduction / Elimination

Budget Education / Creation


  • Plan to Pay Down Debt
  • What is a Budget
  • Why I Need One
  • The Road to Financial Freedom
  • Figuring Out Your Monthly Income
  • Figuring Out Your Monthly Expenses
  • Budget Categories
  • Expense Worksheets
  • Summary of Expenses


  • What To Do When Expenses Are More Than Income
  • Putting Your Budget into Action
  • Helpful Receipt Tips
  • Money Managing Techniques
  • Paying Your Bills
  • Principles of Good Money Management
  • Understanding Your Credit
  • Money Saving Ideas


You will learn practical skills on how to create a budget and use it. You will also learn how to get more for the money you have, by learning how to be savvier with your spending. 


You will leave with a budget in your hand, the knowledge in your head of how to use it, and the organizational tools to keep it going.

Thea E. Reynolds, AAMS


Hello and thanks for taking time to research Budget in a Binder. My name is Thea Reynolds and I am the creator of Budget in a Binder as well as an Investment Adviser and accomplished Financial Planner. I am both the owner of WaterSeed Wealth Management and Budget in a Binder. 

Back in 1998 I created the first budget for my household, we were in a lot of debt and were feeling like we never had enough money each month. I really felt God’s leading to create a budget and stick to it. I created not only a budget but a whole organizational system for our money.  As time went by many of my friends were copying my ideas and were urging me to formerly create a course and teach it. In 2002 I decided to form a test group of 17 people and formally taught my first Budget in a Binder course. For the past many years I have spent time perfecting the way to teach this course best.

The course for me really fills my desire to help people get their money in order and take control back of their spending, savings and giving. Many people think that a budget is restrictive or binding, and I would say that I have found the opposite to be true. I have found that because I now write down every penny I spend, I spend my money on the things I REALLY want and need and not on junk I really don’t. A budget has set me free. I now plan for vacations, gifts, home improvements etc. When we go on vacation the money is already saved and when we come home there is no guilt or shame on what we spent. I think money is a tool. It is only a tool. It allows us to bless others by giving it away, and it helps us plan for emergencies or fun for the future and it allows us to live our lives with a roof over our heads and food on the table. 

My hope and prayer is that you will be changed by this program and that if you are feeling imprisoned by your financial picture that you will be set free from that bondage. It does take work, and it is a habit that will take time to develop. I know that you can do it, and I hope you take the time and get up the courage to change your life.


Thea can show you how to incorporate the Budget in a Binder Money Management System by meeting with you personally one-on-one.


Ready for More Freedom & More Peace of Mind?

Phone Consultations Available or 
Meeting in Person in Naperville, IL

Debt Gone, Budget Established - What's Next?

  • A game plan to retire comfortably,
  • Create the retirement income you need,
  • Invest so you can fund your children's college needs,
  • Transfer wealth to your heirs,
  • Evaluating your life and/or long term care insurance needs
  • Rolling over a 401(k), profit-sharing, or other retirement plan into an IRA
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